Dynamic Material Allocation: Why is it a planning challenge?

Actually quite simple: customer orders are produced as ordered within the required specifications. But then quality deviations, batch completion and deadline problems mess up the “standard” procedure.

Bronk & Company at the GDB annual conference

B&C again as a speaker at the GDB annual conference.

Metal Meets 2020 – Save the Date!

Metal Meets 2020 bannered by "Customer Centricity"

Future success with fast and precise offer calculations

Offer calculation represents a great challenge for many companies in the metal industry. Especially in an economic downturn new orders with competitive prices have to be won.

Flashback Metal Meets – the 3. Round

In the third round of Metal Meets, the topic of "Agile" was explored.

Bronk & Company at Lhoist

B&C supports Lhoist in optimizing their planning and steering capabilities.