Strategy – the clarity needed for the transformation journey

Approach for a tailored strategy process: Individual and current conditions of the company must be taken into account.

Bronk & Company at Outokumpu

Outokumpu, the global leader in sustainable stainless steel, is working together with B&C to optimize the management of finished goods in their Business Line Advanced Material.

B&C is active in the area of large-scale machining at FCMD

B&C and FCMD, a specialist in large-scale machining, are working together to optimize their business model.

Performance benchmarking – pushing your own limits

Competition, cost pressures, and regulatory changes to the business model are always driving companies to look for ways to improve performance and stay ahead of the competition.

B&C runs project in packaging glass industry

B&C and Vetropack Group are jointly developing a Performance Improvement Program ...

Fit-for-purpose logistical systems – an important element of Green Transformation

While Green Transformation is predominantly considered from a technical perspective as a change of production technology, it actually comprises many more facets.